Fed Bubble Bursts in $550 Billion of Energy Debt

Bubbles do not end well. Wall Street sucked investors into the high yield junk bond market with the expectation oil prices would continue to rise. With oil prices plunging these investors now face huge losses. With oil at $60 a barrel many oil companies, especially oil fracking companies, will not be able to service the […]

Vladimir Putin Documentary. Ominous Forecast of The Putin System

CBC’s “The Passionate Eye” presents The Putin System – a point-of-view documentary that presents an ominous view of what Putin is willing to do to make sure Russia regains its place on the world stage. Make no mistake. Putin is a strong,clever,tough leader who has many friends in the world. America and other Western nations’ […]

Obama Gets What He Deserves – Repudiation

As a former President Obama supporter it has been painful to witness the ineptitude of the Obama administration. It’s not only incompetence, but arrogance and narcissism are off the charts. Americans were not fooled by the flood of manipulating data that preceded the election. The election results showed how angry many Americans are at the […]

Preliminary Studies Indicate Under Certain Conditions Ebola is Aerostable

Is the government telling us all it knows about the Ebola virus? Does it really understand the disease? A PDF published by the DEFENSE THREAT REDUCTION AGENCY indicates much remains to be known  about the current strain of Ebola. The information below comes from a.gov website. In public announcements it looks like information is being withheld […]