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Long Crisis explores four converging crisis that will drastically influence the way that citizens of the world will live as the 21st century progresses. The four crisis are the meltdown of the world’s financial system caused by an unprecedented level of debt in the public and private sectors, global warming and the consequences of climate change, a crisis in energy and natural resources access at affordable prices precipitated by peak oil and a growing global demand for clean water and food supplies and the increasing militarization of the United States as it engages in endless costly wars.

Long Crisis and Frequent Crises Present Tremendous Challenges to Governments Around the World


Ben Bernanke - Long Crisis

Ben Bernanke - Helicopter Ben

Any one of these long crisis could deliver a knock out punch to the world economy and to the way that people live. All four converging within a narrow time frame will give us poor humans all we can handle and then some. It is ironic that at a time when advances in technology offer so much promise for the advancement of mankind and could usher in a new age of prosperity the reliance on older technology is causing severe environmental problems. For example, consider the impact that the massive burning of fossil fuels has upon the environment. Think of a long crisis of intense storms, raising sea levels,tropical diseases migrating northward.The impact of a long crisis on human health is easy to see.

To Solve Long Crisis Strong Insightful World Leadership is Missing

While drastic, the consequences of a financial meltdown, climate change, peak oil,increasing scarcity of natural resources, and a United States immersed in warfare need not be fatal to the human race. In order to maintain any quality of life we will have to work together in a smart way as never before. Unfortunately, the world’s population will likely be considerably reduced no matter what we do. The long crisis race is on between the unsustainable wasteful consumption of valuable resources, such as fossil fuels and water, and a more measured sustainable means of living where constant growth is not regarded as necessary, no matter the cost. Then we must overcome our long crisis addiction to war as war wastes resources, human, financial, and natural, that are badly needed in America to repair a crumbling infrastructure.

To Solve Long Crisis Requires a Restructuring of the Way We Live

How long will the Long Crisis last and exactly what will it take to pull us out of crisis mode? That is the challenge isn’t it? No one really knows. We can be assured that the cosmic clock is ticking.We can also be assured that we can not go back to the happy days of careless consumption,financial over leveraging,and over-sizing our cities, homes, automobiles, and lifestyles along with our Big Macs and up-sized order of fries. There is a long crisis of financial stress that must be addressed before highly developed economies, like found in the US and Europe, can return to healthy growth rates.

In order to survive we will all have to learn to be much more conscious of the limits to growth as well as learning all over again that we are all in this long crisis together. The Long Crisis will bring drastic changes in the way we live. The frightening thing is that the changes may not at all be for the better.

Long Crisis Resource Wars Likely to Intensify as Nations Compete for Dwindling Resources

Resource wars are already upon us and will likely intensify as food shortages, fossil fuel shortages, and natural resource shortages, especially for clean water, become more pronounced and widespread. Tensions are already rapidly increasing between developed and developing nations as the development growth cycle swings into favor of the developing nations. Former king of the mountain nations, such as the United States, are not likely to gracefully share the world stage as wealth and power continues to shift from west to east.

Long Crisis Highlights Crisis in Leadership

Will living in a Long Crisis mode bring out the best or worse in humans? We will soon know. The challenges are many and thus far the strong, courageous, insightful leadership necessary to meet the challenges seems to be sorely lacking. A discouraging sign is that the United States, a country long associated with freedom and democracy, has become increasingly militarized as stresses build within the society. A condition of permanent warfare seems to have evolved as leaders attempt to cover up their shortcomings of leadership in dealing with the real crises by engaging the nation in attention diverting warfare.

In addition, warfare can be associated with the increasing scarcity of natural resources. As natural resources, like crude oil, become more difficult and expensive to extract stresses between nations seem destined to intensify. Natural resource warfare has already begun. The next decade will be a challenging one for humans, wherever located. A dark age of long crisis will likely challenge us as never before. The Long Crisis will report on the crises as we move ever closer to being On The Brink of our own destruction.

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Tania from seo website designcompany October 9, 2012 at 1:33 pm

The long crisis will eventually retreat, the alterations in society will reflect these changes, competition for oil and other natural resources from China and India will not diminish. The US is better placed than many European countries to recover from this long crisis and with alterations in life style provides new opportunities for the development of new technological products that will find solutions for this change.


Susanne from Discount Contact Lenses June 26, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Am I missing something? “The eventual meltdown of the world’s financial system” – hasn’t this already happened…?


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